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About Hoan

State Representative Hoan Huynh (pronounced Hahn Win) is a community leader, community investments professional, entrepreneur, activist, and small business advocate representing the people of Illinois' 13th State House District, covering Northside Chicago and the lakefronts (includes Uptown, Andersonville, Buena Park, Sheridan Park, Ravenswood, Wrigleyville, Lake View, Southport, Lincoln Square, Bowmanville, Winnemac, Arcadia Terrace, Budlong Woods, and West Ridge). Representative Hoan Huynh is in his first term in the Illinois House of Representatives, having been sworn in on Wednesday, January 11, 2023 in the 103rd General Assembly. His legislative priorities include expansion of economic opportunity, jobs creation, environmental justice, protecting reproductive healthcare, LGBTQ+, and immigrant/refugee rights, public safety and gun violence prevention, affordable housing, transit infrastructure, and expanding mental health access. 


Sworn in on January 11, 2023 to represent the 13th District - A Series of Trailblazing Firsts

Representative Hoan Huynh is the first Vietnamese American ever elected in Illinois' state history of 204 years; the first refugee ever elected in Illinois; the first Asian American to represent Chicago Northside lakefront in the General Assembly; and the first person of color and Asian American to represent the 13th House District. 

Early Years (Refugee to United States of America)

Hoan Huynh was born a refugee in Vietnam to Vietnamese and Chinese parents. His parents sought safety from government persecution and oppression after his father fought for freedom alongside United States military forces during the Vietnam War. His family received refugee asylum from the United States and was resettled in the early 1990s in America. Growing up, Hoan's parents taught him the value of hard work, community and public service, and looking after your neighbors and those left behind. 

Getting Started (Early Education and Career)

As a K-12 public school student and under the guidance of teachers, mentors, and community organizations, Hoan excelled academically and received scholarships, work-study jobs, and student loans to attend Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. He graduated from Yale University with a bachelor's degree, with honors, and studied abroad at the University of Cambridge at King's College. He went on to receive a fellowship from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and graduated with a master's degree, and completed additional graduate school coursework from the University of Chicago. Hoan began his career working in education and public policy research at Yale University Department of Sociology. From there, he worked on education technology, social innovation, and product design at numerous technology startups and small businesses. He then worked in social impact investments and community/economic development in Chicago. 


Helping Chicagoans through Community/Social Impact Investments

Hoan has worked with local organizations, community leaders, and local government to address and solve social justice and economic issues affecting Chicago. Hoan has led work with community leaders to reduce gun violence, helped create job opportunities for young people, and supported work to develop trauma-informed policies for thousands of K-12 students. He also led infrastructure work to launch Chicago’s Home for Social Innovation, a center where social entrepreneurs, community experts, and technology professionals collaborate to pilot new initiatives to better impact Chicagoans and build a more equitable city. Recently, he led grassroots initiatives to get communities most left behind immediate Covid-19 relief via food and essential products throughout the pandemic. Hoan also worked to get LGBTQ+ youth and individuals experiencing homelessness the resources they need to survive the pandemic, while working alongside community members on mutual aid efforts. Hoan has led investments to get community leaders resources to support our working families and prioritize mental health services. Hoan has led investments of millions of dollars directly into disinvested communities and ensured that funding is set up to create long-lasting change and support services for years to come. He has worked tirelessly with community leaders, government officials, and organizations to make Chicago a more equal city, and push our state towards progress and innovation.

Serving in Springfield

Hoan is in his first term in Springfield, having been sworn in on January 11, 2023 in the 103rd General Assembly. He has joined the Legislative Progressive Caucus, the Asian American Legislative Caucus, and the Green Caucus, to continue the fight towards equity and progress. He will work hard everyday for the residents of the 13th District and the people of Illinois. 

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